Ugo Nespolo

Spidey Sense

Limited Edition of 150 Pieces



35 cm x 35 cm

Frame not Included

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Ugo Nespolo - Spidey Sense

The screenprint by Ugo Nespolo, Spidey Sense represents the DC superhero Spiderman who appears as the protagonist of three large artworks as if displayed in a museum room.

With the sharp silhouettes and bright colors typical of the artist, Ugo Nespolo pays homage to Pop culture and to the world of comics. This work belongs to the portfolio "Superheroes" in which each work is dedicated to a superhero (or one of his antagonists).

Spidey Sense is a limited edition of 150 pieces with Arabic numbering plus 50 pieces with Roman numbering. It measures 35x35 cm and is a screenprint with 36 steps of color with glitter, gold leaf, silver leaf, flocking and dry intaglio.


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