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Romero Britto


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The official catalog (in Italian and English) of the exhibition "Romero Britto - Pop Art Empire" held at Galleria Deodato Arte from June 9 to July 2, 2022.

A not-to-be-missed exhibition that presented the artist's most iconic works along with unpublished and exclusive artworks created through a special collaboration with Bellini Nautica.

“My pieces are in the homes of people and a part of their lives. They are not just something that people discard and then throw away and forget about. My work is actually something that people hold on to and they have in their home as a memory and a part of their lives.”

Inside the catalog the incredible artworks from the exhibition, including unique pieces, digital silkscreens and sculptures all in true Britto style. Explore the Britto universe and discover the exclusive Romero Britto x Bellini Nautica collaboration. Number of pages: 134.