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Felipe Cardena



Limited Edition of 100 Pieces



30 cm x 38,5 cm

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Felipe Cardeña - Felipanda

Felipe Cardeña's silkscreen print on paper, Felipanda is a limited edition work of 100.

The figure of a smiling Panda wearing a green cap is the heart of the artwork. China's national emblem and symbol of the international organization WWF becomes the centerpiece of the silkscreen print, emphasizing the themes of love of nature, life, and the beauty of the world.

Cardeña reminds us of the risk of extinction to which the entire species was subjected until a few years ago, making one of the most iconographic animal species in art the protagonist.

The work is characterized by its vivid colors, which, thanks to the collage technique, are juxtaposed by agreement or contrast. The vital vortex composed of natural elements accompanying all the artist's works contours the animal, giving new importance to its fragility and particularity.

The Mystery of the Holy Child was made in 2023 and measures 30 x 38.5 cm.